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Abandoned movie: Te Quiero (en français et espagnol)

«Te Quiero» (2010) was a project of composing a short movie as you would compose any other piece of music. It was not an intention for me to become a movie maker. The idea was to use the tools of a composer to create an expression with multilingual poetic text, sound, music and visuals. Somewhat like a music theatre piece, just in the form of a short movie. The project was abandoned due to exhaustion and lack of resources to lift the difficult process of filming and producing.

The sound, music, text and voice acting are pretty complete. The images are only a rudimentary draft quality made with what was at hand combined with sequences filmed with a cheap old mobile telephone.

All text, sound and music is composed by me as a complete entity. I wrote the French text including all the errors in it; Emma Morin, a dear friend and the actress in the movie, helped me correct it and then translated the part to be in Colombian Spanish from French. (please consult the page on for details.) The choice of languages is not only by reasons of narrative but for their acoustic colours in combination, hence a musical choice.

Note: the website mentioned in the end credits alienpicnic dot com is no longer in any way associated with this project. I abandoned the domain name, and it has since been acquired by somebody else. (For more info on this consult the page on

Images are good for mobile devices and laptop screens but not big screens. Sound should be fine.

Languages are as mentioned French and Spanish. There are no subtitlings but you can learn French and Spanish online several places.

Credits please refer to the video or the page on

Solo saxophone: Elements of absence

«Elements of absence» is from a series of solo improvisations placed inside churches or other spiritual, serene and naturally reverberating places. Informally I refer to the idea as «The lost songbooks» moods from beyond, from people lost, cultures we may never know about as they vanished in the dust and chaos of time and civilization.

This is an ongoing aesthetic investigation.

Follow the link below to the blogposts with more unique recordings, or pearls, from this music adventure.

String Trio: Origin II

During my time studying composition at the Royal Danish Music Academy in Aarhus with Per Nørgård I composed a cycle of three compositions under the title «Origin» (1991).

The second part for string trio is here played by «Ensemble S:I.C», France, under the artistic direction of Françoise Rivalland.

The cycle worked with the idea to treat the three different, albeit closely related, concepts sound, or harmonics (Klang in German), form and melody in three movements for a nine instrument ensemble using 7 of the 9 in the first movement «Origin I», 3 of the 9 in the second movement «Origin II» and finally 9 of 9, or all musicians, in the last movement «Origin III». The three movements (or compositions) should furthermore be able to stand alone as singular compositions.

The instrumentation is: flute, clarinet, string trio, piano and percussion.

You can find a recording of «Origin I» on whereas the last work currently is lost traveling.

Collaborations: Improvisations, world and flamenco

I have enjoyed several very rich collaborations as a saxophonist. I value all of them very highly.

Here in «Modal rituals no. 4» the inspiration is somewhat on the Celtic side. It also connects to my saxophone solo ideas as mentioned earlier on this page. The other musicians in this recording are Jedrzej Lagodzinski (Ten. sax), Thomas Maintz (guitar), Anders Monrad (piano) and Franciszek Pospiezalski (double bass).

Another passionate project has been the meeting with the amazing world-class songwriter and percussionist Djanuno Dabo from Guinea Bissau. I really love Djanuno's music. I managed to put together a successful project in Denmark and we wanted to follow up to be able to get his songs published under his own name. Sadly I couldn't do the last part; it was a bridge too far, the money wasn't there and Denmark had begun putting up difficult administrative procedures for visiting lecturers, musicians and so on. I had to cancel in the last minute; it was horrible that I had to do that but I had no choice. You can find and buy Djanuno's Songs at the Bandcamp site of Real World Records linked below. I have also put in a link to a video with Djanuno on youtube.

One other direction I have really found immense inspiration in is the collaboration with flamenco singer Rafael Molina. There were once a beautiful video of this, I hope I still have it somewhere, but I'm not sure. I had to leave Copenhagen rather quickly to settle in France; later I got so fed up with youtube and such portals that I closed my account there, so lots of stuff got lost between the tables in that process, unfortunately.